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Great Clothes For Expecting Mothers


Just A few decades ago, expectant mothers had few choices in clothing. Tent dresses were the norm, which of course, did little to make the woman feel pretty or feminine. Thank goodness times have changed. Fashion for expecting mothers now uses all kinds of fabrics in modern styles and also comes from ethical fashion companies. In fact, any fashion worn when a woman is not pregnant is now translated into fashions for pregnant women. Here are some ideas and styles that will make pregnant women feel as beautiful as they are.



Straight legged pants have been the style for several years, now. But, when a woman is expecting, the theory of keeping the width of the trouser legs as wide as the waist is a horrifying thought. However, there is no need to wear boxy clothes. Companies such as Sahara clothing provide slim leg trousers that are designed to fit during various stages of pregnancy, yet still provide a stylish and professional profile. Linen and silk in the Sahara clothing line maintain a classy look throughout the months.

For casual wear, maternity cropped trousers can be comfortable and attractive. Don’t be afraid to wear shorter pants – they’re adorable and stylish. Show off those legs and stay cool in the summer.

Harem trousers are still popular. These slouchy, drape-y pants are cute and give a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe.




One of the hottest styles today is the asymmetric shirt. These tops often look like wrap-around. The asymmetrical lines can provide a beautiful silhouette with the pregnancy – a soft, feminine look. These tops come with different lengths of sleeves, from sleeveless to cap sleeves, and ¾ sleeves to ultra-long.

Silk is always a great way to go, whether a person is pregnant or not. Tie-dyed silk is a clever combination of fun and fancy, and can add whimsy to the wardrobe. When this material is used in a tunic top, you have an adorable, comfortable top.

Box tops are cut straight across the bottom. These, also, come with different lengths of sleeves, and the cut is spacious and comfortable. When the material is gauze, the feel is even better, making you feel even more feminine.

Swing tops are another great addition to the maternity wardrobe. These long, feminine shirts, when accented with pintuck details, combine beautifully with slim-leg trousers for a comfortable look that can go from the office to evening with the addition of a few accessories.

Button-up shirts are also great for expecting mothers. While some women try to avoid buttons during this time from the fear of gaps, a properly designed shirt will not have that problem. The vertical row of buttons is actually slimming, if you feel like you need it, because it directs the eye upwards.

Print Materials

Some people say that you should avoid large prints when you are expecting, Others say you need large prints to balance out your size. Neither of these are set in stone. The print that makes you feel look great is what you should wear.

Why Solid Oak And Not IKEA?

IKEA, and other stores similar to it, make designer-like furniture available at bargain prices. In fact, most bachelors, college students, and newlyweds would not have furniture in their homes if not for IKEA and its sister stores. However, when you start shopping for grown-up furniture that you may be able to pas along to your own children some day, nothing compares to solid oak.

Particle Board vs. Solid Wood

Most furniture you get from IKEA is made from MDF, or medium density fiberboard. This material is chips of wood, sawdust, and other leavings from the processing of wood. It is dumped into a slurry of glue and pressed and heated until it forms a board. Then, the MDF board is coated with a veneer, such as melamine. In some cases, the boards are covered with something like wall paper that is printed with a wood grain in certain colors. You may even find some MDF that is covered with genuine wood veneer. Particle board is used in a great deal of consumer products, from doors to furniture to bookshelves.

The main problem with MDF is that it is not as strong as solid wood. Since it is made of bits and pieces, even the strongest glues cannot make it solid. Any exposure to moisture will cause it to delaminate. In addition, the veneers used are so thin that they often will not be able to stand up to everyday use.

When you set a drink down on solid oak furniture, for example, it will leave a white ring in the finish. You buff out the ring with toothpaste, and the surface is as good as new. However, with particle board, if that veneer is compromised, the MDF beneath will bubble up. You have probably seen this on your own furniture, and wondered what to do about it. The only thing you can do is sand that area down and try to paint it to match the rest of the surface. However, the structure of the board is compromised.


Veneers and MDF cannot usually be refinished. That is another reason for selecting solid oak rather than IKEA. If the surface of your coffee table is marred, you can usually buff it out with solid oak. But, with MDF, your only choice is to paint over it. Then, you may run into trouble because the paper used to cover the MDF will absorb water from the paint and buckle.


With MDF, you will see shelves eventually start to sag. It is almost inevitable. Even the weight of the shelf itself will be too much for the board. However, with solid oak, the wood is able to withstand its own weight, and any weight you may place on it. Keep in mind that most furniture makers who are using solid oak to build an item will use proper techniques to ensure the longevity of the piece. So, you gain a piece of furniture that is not only beautiful, but will last through several families.

How To Choose Furniture For Your Child

Tiny recliners, mini-chaise lounges, all of these “kids’ sized” furnishings are adorable. But, how do you choose which ones to buy? Here are some pointers on how to choose furniture for your child.

Used Furniture

The first place many people look for furniture is rummage sales. For adults, this may be fine, but beware when it comes to children’s furniture. Items such as cribs, high chairs, cots, and anything with moving parts, such as drop-side baby beds, should be researched and tested. Some of the older furniture is not up to today’s codes. These codes are based on years of experience and testing, and include such data as the maximum amount of space allowed between slats to keep a baby’s head from getting stuck. Worn out drop-side baby beds can drop without warning when the baby pulls up. This can send the baby head-first over the edge, to the floor. So, be careful to rattle and test any used furniture you select.


There are some must-haves when it comes to children’s furniture. You simply must have a crib or bed. Make sure this is safe, with sturdy railing to keep the baby from rolling out or getting stuck in a corner and suffocating. Some mothers have good luck with an infant carrier as the baby’s first bed. The baby sleeps on its back, it is swaddled, and if it stirs in the night, the mother can simply reach over the edge of the bed and rock the carrier to soothe the baby, without getting up.

You will also need a good car seat. Be careful if you buy a used one. If it has been in an accident, it may not be any good. An infant car seat is much like an air bag – once it is involved in an accident, it cannot be reused.

Another good purchase is a quality high chair. Some people prefer the clip-on kind that can slide onto the edge of the dining table. Make sure there are security measures to keep the baby from pushing off as he or she gets older. A free-standing high chair is another good choice, and is often a favorite item for the family handyman to make. Check all measurements to make sure there are no places where the baby can get trapped or snagged if he slides out.

Finally, consider a booster seat for the toddler. This helps get the youngster up higher at the dining table, where he can feed himself more easily.

Fun Furniture

Keep in mind that children grow rapidly. Therefore, when you buy fun furniture just for them, remember that they will outgrow it in a few years. That being said, a miniature table and chairs are a wonderful addition to your home, giving the little ones a place to have tea parties and “entertain”.

Children’s furniture may also include a mini-recliner or lawn chair. Really, the sky is the limit here. Just have fun, and remember safety.