Many jokes have been made about “mom jeans”, but what exactly are they? Well, typically, mom jeans are those that rise all the way up to the bottom of the ribcage. These high-waisted jeans cinch in the waist and were popular in the 1980s, but have fallen out of fashion. 8030094746_bbae25b05f_bThe jeans also had high pockets on the backside, and usually had tapered legs. Now, granted, some women may still look good in this style, but most never did. There are, however, ways to find amazing fitting jeans that make you and your derriere look great, and fit comfortably as well.

Guidelines for Fitting Amazing Woman Jeans

One of the easiest ways to shop for jeans is to measure a pair that you already have that fit well. Measure the inseam, waist, and hips. Anything that does not match these measurements will be unpredictable.

If you have a large bottom, look for jeans with less decoration on the pockets. The pockets also should be a little higher on the seat, to lengthen the look. If you have a fairly flat or trim bottom, decorative pockets that are positioned lower on the seat help to balance the look.

Skinny legged jeans may look great on models, but most women, especially older ones, look better with a slight flare to the legs. This helps to balance out the figure. Flair leg or boot cut jeans are very flattering to just about any figure. Straight leg jeans are also good if you need a little more room in the thigh area.

The waistline should fit according what is comfortable for you, but super low and super high are seldom right. Usually, the most flattering look will be a pair of jeans that fall just below the natural waist. This is so for just about any body type or size. Some jeans are marketed and designed to sit a certain number of inches below the natural waist, such as one, two, or even three inches. Most people will have the appearance of a “muffin top” at some point. If this happens, try a different rise waist and you may see this problem disappear.

Great Manufactures of Jeans

logoThere are many great manufacturers of jeans. Gemini Woman is a UK manufacturer that makes a line actually called “Amazing Woman Jeans.” Their jeans have somewhat stretchy denim that will have enough flexibility to be comfortable yet still maintain their shape. They provide jeans in denim, velvet, and many other great materials.

Other great brands of jeans come from Chico’s, and of course Levi and Wrangler. However, famous designers also provide lines of bluejeans, since this is one of the most popular wardrobe item in the world.


Miss Me, INC International, Lucky Brand, Style & Co., 7 for all Mankind, Lucky Brand, and DKNY are all popular brands and carried by some of the most prestigious department stores.

Some other brands are Paige, KUT, Joe’s, Wit & Wisdom, and AG are other popular brands that you will enjoy. Give them a try and you’ll find just the right one.