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Creating a Healthy Competitive Spirit For Your Child

 Quite a lot of parents don’t like the idea of competition and much prefer the idea of participation being rewarded over being the most talented or “better” player. I personally do not like this idea, winning and losing is an aspect of life that everyone is forced to participate in, participation is mandatory and should not be celebrated, success, however, is another story. That is why I think it is ideal to teach your child about winning and losing from a young age, enter then into competitive activities and make sure that they understand. 


Don’t forget to reward your child for a great performance, there are websites online that will allow you to buy trophies, plaques and more and even have them engraved with your childs name for 100% authenticity. This will create a feeling of accomplishment and hopefully make your child want to improve at whatever activity they do. 


When it comes to sports, here in the UK football or ‘soccer’ (you’ll get punched for saying that over here) is a sport everyone wants their son or boy to get involved in. Football is not just a mans sport either, there are girls teams all over the place these days and at a young age, they perform pretty much identically. When they start young there is much more chance for improvement and they will be better for it in the long run. So why not get your child involved in an extra-curricular sporting activity.


Tips For Starting Your Garden Off In Spring!

Employ these greatest winter gardening hints and you’re going to get a head start in your spring and summer lawn attention. Don’t fret. Make of preparing for a relaxing summer winter the season.

March and February usually supply days with balmy weather which are ideal for working outside in garden and the lawn. Even though the current weather is unique in your area, it is possible to start with pruning your plants one weekend and raking and mulching the following weekend. At the time that your basics are finished, it’s time to start new endeavors.

These winter gardening chores would be the first steps to making what better time than mid to late winter and a relaxing summer possible would be to prepare your garden.

Turn the tree and shrubbery lines into something of beauty with light pruning
Mulch your perennials and win the fight against weeds before they will have the chance to infiltrate the remainder of your yard
Sketch your garden ideas for the landscape and start assembling.

When you actually consider it it sounds easy, also it’s. Gardening can be quite time intensive in summer and the springtime and most everyone wishes to enjoy the beautiful weather that is warm doing other actions not concern yourself with the landscape. A day or two of clean up work and prepping as well as a little planning ahead can make gardening and lawn care so much simpler for the growing season.


A few planning strategies for your own garden can be as simple as:

  • Building a raised bed for annuals or vegetable planting.
  • Drawing out a new plan for plant placement.
  • Jotting down ideas for plants that are new to add in.
  • Start your personal compost.
  • Protect critter pulling plants.
  • Envelop bark trees which can be susceptible to cold weather damage.
  • Begin doing a number of things which will help will upkeep that could otherwise be hard in the spring as well as summer, after making your garden plans.
  • Cutback ornamental grasses and perennials.
  • Shield evergreens from winter burn.

    After you subsequently have a plan to your garden design and, have protected delicate plants for the worse part of winter and also the early springtime temperature fluctuations, it’s time to set everything into action. This will undoubtedly be an achievement you may surely be proud of and, you can relax knowing that your garden is in great shape, when spring hits.

    There are some great places to buy your plants and plant pots online with an excellent online plant catalog including small fruiting plants flowering Thuja Green Giants, shrub roses, ground covers, shrubs, creeping phlox and lavender plants.

Twelve Tips for Decorating a Christmas Tree

Sometimes decorating a Christmas tree can look so complicated that you feel just like singing “oh dear Christmas tree” rather than “Oh Christmas tree. Whether you’re decorating an all-natural a or evergreen
Man-made tree below are some strategies for making the entire experience a little less disorganized.

1. I am aware about decorating a Christmas tree this post is designed to be but let’s start first with removing the ornamentation. Think back to last year. Did you just strip everything and throw it in a carton? Are your Christmas gnarled up into a snarl? This is how you get a bad case Of Uh oh Christmas tree. I’m sure you have heard of such old expression “as it starts, therefore it finishes and so it starts again.” This season, you’re likely to swear to pack up everything in an organized way so that you don’t waste time sorting through heaps and damaged decorations of old tinsel.

2. Whether or not your tree seems extremely great might be dependent on the type of tree you opt for. Believe it or not there are some species of trees which might be better to decorate than others. Pine is the
Kind of evergreen tree which is voted most likely to reduce its needles and turn into a variation of the pitiful Charlie Brown Christmas tree. The very best kinds of trees as it pertains to holding ornaments are spruces and firs. The reason being their branches will be the most sturdy. Obviously if you are decorating an artificial prelit tree than this tip is really not much use to you.

3. Before you set it to the stand, if you’re purchasing a natural tree, make sure to place the Christmas mat.

4.  It truly is more prone to support a Christmas decoration and full of wetness when a bit that means bends. Do not purchase it in case it snaps. It is not too wet to support prone and ornamentation to spill its needles throughout your floor too.
fastens others.

5. Be certain that you simply unsnarl the lights before you make an effort to drape them, when decorating a Christmas tree. It’s also safest to make sure before you attempt to do all the bulbs are working
this too. There’s a tiny chance that in the event you try to transform while they’re about the tree that the tree could ignite and turn it into a Christmas candle burned out Christmas bulbs.

6. You may have learned that decorating a Christmas tree is much safer than decorating them the old fashioned way with candles. This is true as long as you mind a bulb: do not rest directly. Like the old fashioned candles, needles can be heated up by popular Christmas bulbs and catch fire. This can be especially true in case you were left having a tree that is dry and shopped in the very last minute for a Christmas tree. The definitely safest trees to buy are prelit artificial Christmas trees as a few of these have automatic shut-down characteristics if they get too hot.

7. An artificial prelit tree might be safer when compared to a natural one with lightbulbs strung it around for those who have a lot of pets and kids running around throughout the holiday season. There is less danger of miniature fingers becoming electrocuted or pulling down bulbs. There is also less risk of pets and kids consuming the needles which can be shed from natural trees.

8. Christmas trees that are decorating is ultimately all about percentage. When hanging decorations put the biggest sized decorations in the smallest one and also the underside at the most notable. The consequence is merely more
pleasing to the eye.

11. Make sure to pick the best large plant pots for your tree, there are all kinds of Christmas tree planters to choose from and lots of different styles.

10. It’s better to not throw clumps of tinsel in the tree like they were handfuls of spaghetti, when decorating a Christmas tree. The effect that was most attractive is attained by hanging clumps of tinsel just at the
Really borders of every branch. Think about how real icicles seem when they’re hanging from trees that are actual, a bit.

11. Do select a theme for your tree. Sticking with it and selecting a topic gives you the most stylish looking tree.

12. Another nice touch is Christmas cards or cookies and candies that you just have made in your kitchen. This provides your xmas tree a unique personal touch.

13. Whether a prelit or natural artificial tree is being decorated by you remember that less is more.

Garden Pots And Your Kitchen

Your kitchen, if it is anything like mine, is a hub of activity. Mine is open to the dining area and living room, which is great when we have company, but not so great when I haven’t unloaded the dishwasher and the dirty dishes have piled up. But, dirty dishes aside, I’ve discovered an easy way to keep items in my kitchen handy without having to spend a lot of money. In fact, I can change out my containers quickly and easily to go with the seasons, and people who come over think I am terribly creative. This clever item happens to be – garden pots! Yes, I use garden pots for several reasons in my kitchen and dining room.



Of course, the most obvious use for a garden pot would be to hold kitchen utensils. Most garden pots are designed to have sloped sides, and are wider at the top than at the bottom. Judge your choice of pots carefully with this in mind, because if you are going to store many items in it, it could get top heavy and tip over. You will need a pot tall enough to cover about 2/3 of the handle of your utensils to avoid this problem. You can also find beautiful garden pots that have straight sides, but they sometimes cost a little more because they are more “designer-y”. It is up to you, really. I’ve tried both. With the straight sides, the pot does not take as much space, but I tend to overstuff the container. With the slant-sided pots, items are easier to disengage from each other, so if I goof and but the whisk in with the handle up instead of down, it is easier to untangle.


I’ll bet you didn’t think about storing lids in a garden pot, did you? That’s ok, because I thought of it for you! The lids to my pots and skillets are always getting shoved to the back of my cabinets, or sticking up out of drawers and keeping the drawers from closing properly. But, when I realized I could solve the problem with a garden pot, everything got easier! I went to a local nursery and found an attractive metal planter that was long and fairly narrow. This rectangle shaped pot became the perfect place for my lids! It is narrow enough to sit on the ledge behind my stovetop, and all of the lids will slide easily, on edge, down into the trough. I can’t believe how much room I have in my cabinets and drawers, now, and how easy it is to find the lids to various pots.



Oh, yes, let’s not forget the most obvious use for garden pots – for plants! I have a tiny little herb garden in my kitchen window, made possible by the cutest pots! They are just wide enough at the bottom to sit on the window sill and provide counterweight to the plants growing out of them, and great, fresh herbs as well!

Great Activities For Mother And Son

We hear, all the time, about “Mother’s Day Out” and “Mother/Daughter Day” but what about “Mother/Son Day?” That’s right, when to mums get to spend time just with their sons? Well, maybe the reason is that most mums and daughters like to shop, while most guys don’t. Often, the sons are more action oriented. So, what are some great activities for mother and son who just want to spend some time together?


Try Surfing

Cornwall has some of the best beaches and surfing in the UK. Surf schools abound along the coast, and you can take surfing lessons that include all of the gear. You don’t have to “hang ten” to enjoy a day on the water – just paddling out to the waves and gripping the board with ten fingers can give you a sense of elation, and make for a quality day with your son.

Paddle Boarding

21059307186_0165aec31d_bAlong a similar vein is paddle boarding in Cornwall. All you have to do here is stand on a paddleboard, and you can explore inlets and caves all day long. Your instructor will provide you with a super wide surfboard, and you can rent any other gear you need. If you have any level of fitness at all, you can do this. In fact, you may just find that this is your newest favorite sport and/or exercise! Your son will love it, too. Get away from crowds on a paddleboard, and take in the beautiful views along the beaches.

Movie Marathon

For a more sedentary activity, consider a movie marathon day. This is especially fun for those mothers and sons who share the same interests. For example, my son and I recently had an “X Files” marathon in preparation for the new season coming up in a few months. Go buy movie theatre popcorn, turn down the air conditioning (it’s always cold in movie theatres), and enjoy the show with your favorite beau!

Go Fly a Kite

You can get a couple of cheap fighting kites and have some of the best fun, ever. Fighting kites have two strings so that you can steer them. You and your son can have great fun with a simple idea and a park.

Arts and Crafts

There are a number of ways to get out of the house with your son and have a craft day. Business have sprung up that allow you to come into the store and paint ceramics or paint a picture based on a pattern. This can be a great way to spend time and have something to show for it. Perhaps you and your son can decorate coffee mugs for each other. I glazed a mug for my son that he would recognize as his own, and it virtually eliminated the plethora of drinking glasses on the counter – he knew which one was his, and that took care of it!

These ideas range from athletic to fairly sedentary, but every one of them will give you special time with your son.

Finding The Appropriate Dancewear

Finding the appropriate dance-wear is not always as simple as it sounds. Sure, dancewear is available at any number of stores dedicated to shopping, both online and in brick and mortar shops, but what, exactly, is “appropriate”? Are you looking for dancewear that is appropriate for working out? Maybe you are looking for dancewear that is appropriate for the genre of dance in which you are participating. One thing you can be sure of is that whatever your dancewear needs, you can find the appropriate togs.

Appropriate Dancewear for Working Out

More and more people are learning to dance as a method of working out. They make no apologies for this, and often tackle strenuous dance genres in order to get the maximum workout. In these cases, typical workout clothes are in order. Most dance studios are accustomed to skimpy outfits, so the tight and clinging workout clothes you would wear in other forms of exercise are no shock.

Genres of Dance

However, for those who are dancing for the joy of dancing, or who enjoy the combination of physical activity and artistry, appropriate dancewear takes on a different meaning. Luckily, each genre of dance has its own wardrobe, and having the right clothing may affect your dancing.

Take, for instance, hip-hop. The baggy pants worn by hip-hop artists determine the size of many of the steps taken, so the baggy harem pants, with a low-slung crotch, are almost a necessity. Learning the steps in anything else can be misleading, and you could end up hurting yourself! Booty shorts are another staple of hip-hop dancing. How can you twerk if your booty is all camouflaged?

Lyrical dance has different wardrobe. The support is still there, but there are more flowing lines to the clothing, especially for women.

Don’t Forget the Shoes

Dance Shoes are always important for your workout, and they are just as important, and possibly more specialized, for dance. Men and women alike often wear split shoes that offer full support at the same time as providing maximum flexibility. Some women even prefer half-shoes, if they are doing a lot of turning or pirouettes.

Besides specialized shoes, there are often braces and reinforcements for your feet to reduce impact from more strenuous steps. Half-wraps and cross-wraps help support arches and reinforce the foot for just about every genre of dance. And of course, for the performance, simply wearing dress shoes won’t work. The specialized construction and materials of dance shoes means you can find a perfect fit that will provide the right amount of traction on the dance floor, regardless of the type of dance you are performing.

What is Your Style?

Whatever your style is, there is a style of dance and dancewear at Weston Dancewear that gives you the opportunity to express yourself. Whether you want the shimmy-shake of flapper dresses and the frenetic motions that accompany them, or the smooth, classic lines of ballroom dancing, you can get plenty of exercise for your body and for your fashion sense with appropriate dancewear.