Quite a lot of parents don’t like the idea of competition and much prefer the idea of participation being rewarded over being the most talented or “better” player. I personally do not like this idea, winning and losing is an aspect of life that everyone is forced to participate in, participation is mandatory and should not be celebrated, success, however, is another story. That is why I think it is ideal to teach your child about winning and losing from a young age, enter then into competitive activities and make sure that they understand. 


Don’t forget to reward your child for a great performance, there are websites online that will allow you to buy trophies, plaques and more and even have them engraved with your childs name for 100% authenticity. This will create a feeling of accomplishment and hopefully make your child want to improve at whatever activity they do. 


When it comes to sports, here in the UK football or ‘soccer’ (you’ll get punched for saying that over here) is a sport everyone wants their son or boy to get involved in. Football is not just a mans sport either, there are girls teams all over the place these days and at a young age, they perform pretty much identically. When they start young there is much more chance for improvement and they will be better for it in the long run. So why not get your child involved in an extra-curricular sporting activity.