The Rise In Ipad Parenting

Two decades ago, the hot topic in mother’s groups was the amount of TV time should toddlers and preschoolers have. Children’s programming was considered educational, but mums were judged somewhat harshly for using the TV as a babysitter. Now, 20 years later, toddlers who have barely learned to hold a spoon and make contact with their mouths are able to use a touch screen. What’s with that, anyway? Preschoolers often have more advanced understanding of mobile devices such as android phones, iPhones, iPads, and tablets that the adults who purchased the technology. Is this good, or is this bad? Here is the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly about iPad parenting.

The Good


The use of a touch screen really does improve eye/hand coordination. I see it in the preschool music I teach. Children who are allowed to play with their parents devices, and taught by parents or older siblings, develop the ability to actually touch something they are looking at. And, they do it much sooner than their peers who do not have this experience.

With iPad-familiar children, I see a greater willingness to focus for longer periods of time as they play rhythm games or match colors and pitches. Children of the same age who do not have the skill have little interest in these games. They also have little interest in other, hands-on activities we do, such as playing maracas or drums. To be honest, I don’t know which comes first – the ability to focus on the task or success in performing the task.

Educational apps provide wonderful “sponge” activities. These are activities that soak up the few minutes here and there while waiting in line, stalled in traffic, or fussy because of a delayed nap time. What mother doesn’t need a wife, now and then, to keep the kids occupied while she pays the cashier or navigates traffic? An app on the iPad can be the mother’s little helper that makes life just a touch easier.

The iPad is also a communication device. One of my coworkers has regular Facetime with his 3 year old granddaughter, often at her instigation. So much better than a long-distance phone call (who remembers those?) and much less expensive, too, social media keeps family members linked more successfully than in other generations.

The Bad


We’ve all seen the bad side of iPad parenting. iPads and iPhones have replaced television as the “one-eyed monster” that occupies everyone’s attention. With toddlers and preschoolers, you have a generation of children who do not develop social skills, gross motor skills, and situational awareness that are all crucial to a fulfilling life.

The Ugly

The ugly part of iPad parenting is simply the constant battle for balance. How much is too much? Each parent has to decide that for herself and her situation. Some general rules of thumb are:

  • No devices at bedtime
  • No devices at dinner
  • No devices when you have company
  • Limit time on devices to a certain time-span, such as 2 hours, and enforce it.

iPads are wonderful tools, when used as such. But they are not substitutes for human contact.

Jeans That Fit Anyone

Many jokes have been made about “mom jeans”, but what exactly are they? Well, typically, mom jeans are those that rise all the way up to the bottom of the ribcage. These high-waisted jeans cinch in the waist and were popular in the 1980s, but have fallen out of fashion. 8030094746_bbae25b05f_bThe jeans also had high pockets on the backside, and usually had tapered legs. Now, granted, some women may still look good in this style, but most never did. There are, however, ways to find amazing fitting jeans that make you and your derriere look great, and fit comfortably as well.

Guidelines for Fitting Amazing Woman Jeans

One of the easiest ways to shop for jeans is to measure a pair that you already have that fit well. Measure the inseam, waist, and hips. Anything that does not match these measurements will be unpredictable.

If you have a large bottom, look for jeans with less decoration on the pockets. The pockets also should be a little higher on the seat, to lengthen the look. If you have a fairly flat or trim bottom, decorative pockets that are positioned lower on the seat help to balance the look.

Skinny legged jeans may look great on models, but most women, especially older ones, look better with a slight flare to the legs. This helps to balance out the figure. Flair leg or boot cut jeans are very flattering to just about any figure. Straight leg jeans are also good if you need a little more room in the thigh area.

The waistline should fit according what is comfortable for you, but super low and super high are seldom right. Usually, the most flattering look will be a pair of jeans that fall just below the natural waist. This is so for just about any body type or size. Some jeans are marketed and designed to sit a certain number of inches below the natural waist, such as one, two, or even three inches. Most people will have the appearance of a “muffin top” at some point. If this happens, try a different rise waist and you may see this problem disappear.

Great Manufactures of Jeans

logoThere are many great manufacturers of jeans. Gemini Woman is a UK manufacturer that makes a line actually called “Amazing Woman Jeans.” Their jeans have somewhat stretchy denim that will have enough flexibility to be comfortable yet still maintain their shape. They provide jeans in denim, velvet, and many other great materials.

Other great brands of jeans come from Chico’s, and of course Levi and Wrangler. However, famous designers also provide lines of bluejeans, since this is one of the most popular wardrobe item in the world.


Miss Me, INC International, Lucky Brand, Style & Co., 7 for all Mankind, Lucky Brand, and DKNY are all popular brands and carried by some of the most prestigious department stores.

Some other brands are Paige, KUT, Joe’s, Wit & Wisdom, and AG are other popular brands that you will enjoy. Give them a try and you’ll find just the right one.

Treating Your Lawn To Prevent Harm To Your Children

If you have small children and/or pets, you need to consider how to keep your lawn safe for them. A healthy lawn and garden is beautiful, and tempting to children. Of course, they want to run through thick, green grass and climb trees. They will want to burrow under hedges and shrubs, building clubhouses where they feel hidden and secretive. But, how can you keep the safe? There are bugs and plants that can be harmful to children, and you will want to stay abreast of the situation. Lawn treatment companies can perform a checklist to see if there are any dangers in your lawn.

Flying Insects


Wasps, bees, and hornets can wreak havoc in your garden. Bees are necessary for pollination, but too many of them can create a problem, especially with flowering shrubs and vines. Talk to your lawn treatment services company to see what can be done about flying insects. If someone in your family is allergic to bee stings you may want to see if the bees can be tracked down and their hive moved.

For wasps and hornets, the lawn service will need to remove the threat immediately. The threat from these insects is real, and not only the pain but potential allergic reactions should be considered when they appear in your garden.



Ants have a job to do in the garden. However, they can become too numerous, especially if you have pets. This is because ants feed on the leftover protein in pet feces. They will carry bacteria on their feet, as well as other pathogens that can be transferred through a bite. If you have an ant problem in your lawn, consider keeping the soil from your pets cleaned up. This will remove the majority of food source from their habitat. Otherwise, you may need to hire a lawn service to treat for ants on a seasonal basis. This will not eliminate the insects completely, but will keep their population under control.



Some plants are toxic to people and pets. Dumbcane, for example, gets its name because if it is eaten, it will numb the tongue so that you cannot talk – hence, you become “dumb” – an old fashioned word for being mute.

Datura, or Angels’ Trumpet, grows into a large stalk of a plant, with beautiful trumpet shaped blooms. This plant comes back after a freeze, and makes a great plant along the fence. However, the leaves, stems, and flowers of this plant are a hallucinogen. In fact, it has been used in herbal medicine for various reasons. You probably don’t want your children and animals in the same area as the datura plants, unless you are absolutely sure they will not nibble on any of the pieces of the plant.

Landscape Features

Make sure that your landscape features are well maintained. The spike from a broken sprinkler can puncture a foot in seconds. Metal edging that has been bent and rusted can injure, as well. Ask you lawn treatment service to keep an eye on this. There are a few gardening apps that might be able to help with the garden too!

Garden Pots And Your Kitchen

Your kitchen, if it is anything like mine, is a hub of activity. Mine is open to the dining area and living room, which is great when we have company, but not so great when I haven’t unloaded the dishwasher and the dirty dishes have piled up. But, dirty dishes aside, I’ve discovered an easy way to keep items in my kitchen handy without having to spend a lot of money. In fact, I can change out my containers quickly and easily to go with the seasons, and people who come over think I am terribly creative. This clever item happens to be – garden pots! Yes, I use garden pots for several reasons in my kitchen and dining room.



Of course, the most obvious use for a garden pot would be to hold kitchen utensils. Most garden pots are designed to have sloped sides, and are wider at the top than at the bottom. Judge your choice of pots carefully with this in mind, because if you are going to store many items in it, it could get top heavy and tip over. You will need a pot tall enough to cover about 2/3 of the handle of your utensils to avoid this problem. You can also find beautiful garden pots that have straight sides, but they sometimes cost a little more because they are more “designer-y”. It is up to you, really. I’ve tried both. With the straight sides, the pot does not take as much space, but I tend to overstuff the container. With the slant-sided pots, items are easier to disengage from each other, so if I goof and but the whisk in with the handle up instead of down, it is easier to untangle.


I’ll bet you didn’t think about storing lids in a garden pot, did you? That’s ok, because I thought of it for you! The lids to my pots and skillets are always getting shoved to the back of my cabinets, or sticking up out of drawers and keeping the drawers from closing properly. But, when I realized I could solve the problem with a garden pot, everything got easier! I went to a local nursery and found an attractive metal planter that was long and fairly narrow. This rectangle shaped pot became the perfect place for my lids! It is narrow enough to sit on the ledge behind my stovetop, and all of the lids will slide easily, on edge, down into the trough. I can’t believe how much room I have in my cabinets and drawers, now, and how easy it is to find the lids to various pots.



Oh, yes, let’s not forget the most obvious use for garden pots – for plants! I have a tiny little herb garden in my kitchen window, made possible by the cutest pots! They are just wide enough at the bottom to sit on the window sill and provide counterweight to the plants growing out of them, and great, fresh herbs as well!

Great Activities For Mother And Son

We hear, all the time, about “Mother’s Day Out” and “Mother/Daughter Day” but what about “Mother/Son Day?” That’s right, when to mums get to spend time just with their sons? Well, maybe the reason is that most mums and daughters like to shop, while most guys don’t. Often, the sons are more action oriented. So, what are some great activities for mother and son who just want to spend some time together?


Try Surfing

Cornwall has some of the best beaches and surfing in the UK. Surf schools abound along the coast, and you can take surfing lessons that include all of the gear. You don’t have to “hang ten” to enjoy a day on the water – just paddling out to the waves and gripping the board with ten fingers can give you a sense of elation, and make for a quality day with your son.

Paddle Boarding

21059307186_0165aec31d_bAlong a similar vein is paddle boarding in Cornwall. All you have to do here is stand on a paddleboard, and you can explore inlets and caves all day long. Your instructor will provide you with a super wide surfboard, and you can rent any other gear you need. If you have any level of fitness at all, you can do this. In fact, you may just find that this is your newest favorite sport and/or exercise! Your son will love it, too. Get away from crowds on a paddleboard, and take in the beautiful views along the beaches.

Movie Marathon

For a more sedentary activity, consider a movie marathon day. This is especially fun for those mothers and sons who share the same interests. For example, my son and I recently had an “X Files” marathon in preparation for the new season coming up in a few months. Go buy movie theatre popcorn, turn down the air conditioning (it’s always cold in movie theatres), and enjoy the show with your favorite beau!

Go Fly a Kite

You can get a couple of cheap fighting kites and have some of the best fun, ever. Fighting kites have two strings so that you can steer them. You and your son can have great fun with a simple idea and a park.

Arts and Crafts

There are a number of ways to get out of the house with your son and have a craft day. Business have sprung up that allow you to come into the store and paint ceramics or paint a picture based on a pattern. This can be a great way to spend time and have something to show for it. Perhaps you and your son can decorate coffee mugs for each other. I glazed a mug for my son that he would recognize as his own, and it virtually eliminated the plethora of drinking glasses on the counter – he knew which one was his, and that took care of it!

These ideas range from athletic to fairly sedentary, but every one of them will give you special time with your son.

Making Time In Your Mum Schedule To Decorate

Mums are constantly on the run, balancing childcare, laundry, housecleaning, taxi driving, and many other time-consuming tasks. In addition, the energy drain from being a mum can sap all enthusiasm for grown-up activities right out of the spirit. If you are a mum who likes to decorate, how can you fit it in? It’s hard enough to be creative, and even harder to unpack and repack decorations with every change of seasons, much less special occasions. Here are some ideas that can streamline the process of decorating, so that even the busiest of mothers can create a fresh look in her home.

Scale It Down


When I was a newlywed, I decorated the entire house for Christmas. Even the master bath had guest towels with appropriate Christmas-y decoration. Snowman candles raced the end tables, strings of Christmas lights draped every window – well you get the idea. Granted, Christmas was the most over the top outburst of decorating, but I pretty much brought the entire house into seasonal compliance every 3 to 4 months.

Once I had babies, something had to change. I learned to scale down my decoration mania. Going cold-turkey, as they say, left my husband and I feeling let down. So, I purged. I kept special ornaments and decorations, and donated all of the “filler” stuff I had bought just because is was on sale after the holidays. By eliminating a lot of the meaningless clutter, I found that I was more likely to get in the Christmas spirit and make the family room more festive, rather than dreading dragging out all of the decorations.

Use Centerpieces

Also in the interest of scaling it down, think about focusing on centerpieces, or centers of focus for your décor. The buffet in the dining room may be a great place to display your collectibles without having to scatter them throughout the house. In fact, grouping items that are similar creates a greater impact and reduces the sense of clutter.

Planters are a great way to focus your energies. By selecting pretty planters and changing out the arrangements in them you can have seasonal bursts of color without bringing even more knick-knacks into the house.



The last thing you have time for as a mum is getting organized. But, if you will dedicate a few minutes each time you decorate, you’ll find that by the end of a year, you are totally organized.

First of all, limit yourself to containers that only you can lift when they are full. By doing this, you will be able to decorate when you are ready, rather than having to wait for someone to help you haul oversized boxes around.

In addition, resolve to limit yourself to only X number of containers. This will make it easier to plan storage for your decorations.

Finally, use dry erase tape and markers to label your containers. When you unpack the decorations, pack the old decorations in the containers you just emptied. Then, change the label.

Taking Your Child On An Adventure

The term “staycation” has been in the vernacular of UK citizens for about a decade, now. With the world-wide economic problems, family holidays have suffered as one of the first budget cutbacks for most. While you may find great deals online for hotel, airline flights, and amusement park tickets, it still requires a large investment to secure your spot. There are, however, other ways you can enjoy time with your children, without having to cash in your retirement savings. Here are some great ways to take your child on an adventure without going broke in the process.

Skip the Hotel


One great, affordable way to turn a typical weekend holiday into something special is to skip the hotel. Rather than a hotel, try a bed and breakfast. The UK is rich in culture and history, and many property owners have converted their buildings into comfortable and unique lodging. Most B&Bs these days have modern whirlpool tubs and private bathrooms, with luxurious bedding and beautiful surroundings. Your room often will have a private garden.

A B&B is a great way to stay right in the middle of downtown areas, where private homes have been surrounded by city growth. You will also find B&Bs in rural areas allowing you to watch deer and other wildlife from your front porch. A delicious breakfast is part of your fee, and you can often have the owners prepare a sack or picnic lunch. Many proprietors even offer use of bicycles or rides on their horses or ATVs. What kid wouldn’t like that!

Enjoy the Garden

6899868442_afc3ca7aeb_b (1)

Face it – most children love tents. Whether they hang a blanket from the top bunk and pretend the bottom bunk is a cave, or make a fort out of sofa cushions, child architects love to build and play. Join in the fun, and take their enthusiasm into the garden. Pop-up tents are easy to use, and can be easily staked to the ground. Go to the bargain stores and get some inexpensive solar lamps, and let the children set them wherever they want in the garden. Place inexpensive plastic toys under shrubbery and structures. My children especially liked the dinosaur hunt. After dark, give each child a flashlight and a list of creatures they may find in the garden, and let them create their own safari. If you have a grill, start it, and let them make s’mores after they finish bagging their limit of dinosaurs, zoo animals, horses, or Barbie dolls.

Indoor Fun

At one time, we were so broke we couldn’t go to the movies. Our solution was to rent a movie. But, to make it special, we splurged and bought a large bucket of buttered popcorn at the movie theatre. Then, at home, we spread a blanket out on the floor, turned the air conditioner down low (another splurge), turned all the lights out, and watched the movie at home. It was a great experience for a fraction of the cost of going to the movies.

Great Clothes For Expecting Mothers


Just A few decades ago, expectant mothers had few choices in clothing. Tent dresses were the norm, which of course, did little to make the woman feel pretty or feminine. Thank goodness times have changed. Fashion for expecting mothers now uses all kinds of fabrics in modern styles and also comes from ethical fashion companies. In fact, any fashion worn when a woman is not pregnant is now translated into fashions for pregnant women. Here are some ideas and styles that will make pregnant women feel as beautiful as they are.



Straight legged pants have been the style for several years, now. But, when a woman is expecting, the theory of keeping the width of the trouser legs as wide as the waist is a horrifying thought. However, there is no need to wear boxy clothes. Companies such as Sahara clothing provide slim leg trousers that are designed to fit during various stages of pregnancy, yet still provide a stylish and professional profile. Linen and silk in the Sahara clothing line maintain a classy look throughout the months.

For casual wear, maternity cropped trousers can be comfortable and attractive. Don’t be afraid to wear shorter pants – they’re adorable and stylish. Show off those legs and stay cool in the summer.

Harem trousers are still popular. These slouchy, drape-y pants are cute and give a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe.




One of the hottest styles today is the asymmetric shirt. These tops often look like wrap-around. The asymmetrical lines can provide a beautiful silhouette with the pregnancy – a soft, feminine look. These tops come with different lengths of sleeves, from sleeveless to cap sleeves, and ¾ sleeves to ultra-long.

Silk is always a great way to go, whether a person is pregnant or not. Tie-dyed silk is a clever combination of fun and fancy, and can add whimsy to the wardrobe. When this material is used in a tunic top, you have an adorable, comfortable top.

Box tops are cut straight across the bottom. These, also, come with different lengths of sleeves, and the cut is spacious and comfortable. When the material is gauze, the feel is even better, making you feel even more feminine.

Swing tops are another great addition to the maternity wardrobe. These long, feminine shirts, when accented with pintuck details, combine beautifully with slim-leg trousers for a comfortable look that can go from the office to evening with the addition of a few accessories.

Button-up shirts are also great for expecting mothers. While some women try to avoid buttons during this time from the fear of gaps, a properly designed shirt will not have that problem. The vertical row of buttons is actually slimming, if you feel like you need it, because it directs the eye upwards.

Print Materials

Some people say that you should avoid large prints when you are expecting, Others say you need large prints to balance out your size. Neither of these are set in stone. The print that makes you feel look great is what you should wear.

The Best Way To Wash And Dry Baby Clothes

As you prepare for your new baby, you have probably read just about everything you can about taking care of that little sweetie, and washing and drying baby clothes. You’ve made sure that all of your baby furniture is safe to use, up to BIS requirements. The Department for Business Innovation & Skills has established standards for UK furniture, especially dealing with flammability of materials used in producing furniture and bedding sold in the UK. The European Child Safety Alliance also has stringent regulations regarding materials and standards of construction.



You probably also know to avoid purchasing older baby furniture at yard sales and antique stores, because they may not be up to standards. Baby seats that have been in a car accident, for example, may not be safe for future use.

But care for the new infant goes beyond furniture. That new baby will have all kinds of needs, such as proper feeding and clothing. An infant’s skin is very delicate, and many of them will develop rashes and even sores from chafing from clothes and bedding. Here are some pointers on how to wash and dry baby clothes, and keep that tiny human baby in comfort.


Believe it or not, you may actually be able to use regular detergent on your baby’s clothes. Special baby detergent can be expensive and strain an already close budget. If your baby is not allergic to your detergent and fabric softener, by all means, use the same detergent you would for the rest of the family.

In fact, some baby clothes detergents are not strong enough to clean the – unique – stains that can ruin the clothing.

If your baby is allergic to the family detergent, you can still wash the clothes in that detergent. Just put the clothing through a second wash in the non-allergenic baby detergent, once the clothing is clean.

One change you might make, though, is to switch to liquid detergent. This will often get clothes cleaner and rinse out better in the washer. People with hard water find that liquid detergent will rinse out, rather than leaving flakes of soap on the clothing.
Of course, hand washing baby clothes will help to keep them in good shape, too.

Drying Baby Clothes

Many people put their baby clothes in the dryer. However, there are several drawbacks to this. For one, the clothes will usually shrink. They are not treated with the same fabric treatments used on clothing for children and grownups, so the clothes will shrink and wrinkle when put in the dryer.

In addition, clothes wear out in the dryer. All of the lint you find in the dryer comes off of the clothes, leaving them threadbare.
One of the best solutions to this is to use clothes airer. They are far more energy efficient. And dangerous, those cute little sweaters can be stretched out to dry wrinkle free. The clothes stay in new condition, and are more useful for heirloom purposes.

Detoxing And The Secrets To Weight Loss

As a mother, you may have put on a few pounds since having your child. If you’re like me then you’ve tried a lot of different methods to try and drop those pounds. A weight loss detox may be just the thing for your health and for your diet. Detoxifying your body will make you feel better, and you will be amazed at how much easier it is to lose weight.



Toxins are in your body from many different sources. The foods we eat are full of additives, and even when we are careful to select organic foods, we can still ingest toxins. Any time you dine out, you will probably get a big dose of MSG. MSG is used in enhance the flavor of foods, but it can be very toxic to our bodies. In fact, if you have ever been extremely thirsty after dining out, it is more than likely that it is because of the MSG present in the food, rather than an excess of salt. It can also make your lips and tongue burn.

Even the air we breathe can introduce toxins to our bodies, which are absorbed and must be broken down by our liver. Lotions, soaps, perfumes, detergents, and any other substances that come into contact with our skin are also absorbed. While most of these may be good for our skin, once they are absorbed by the blood stream, they may not be flushed from the system as quickly as they should.

Medications also present a source of toxins to our body health. Most people are aware of the imbalance caused by taking simple antibiotics. Our intestines have both good and bad bacteria in them. Antibiotics kill both. This creates a negative situation in the digestive system in which the intestines do not have enough bacteria to digest food properly. This causes the food to build up in the intestines, causing blockages and infections.


The Liver


The liver is responsible for filtering out toxins in the body. However, the liver can be so compromised by these same toxins that it cannot do its job properly. It will not develop the necessary chemicals to break down toxins, leaving them to create problems with the circulatory and digestive system.

Weight Loss Detox


This is why a weight loss detox may be just the thing you need for weight loss. Toxins not only keep your intestines from processing food properly, they will keep you from absorbing the necessary nutrients from your food. Most dietitians and nutritionists will tell you that this contributes to overeating, as our bodies tell us that we have not received the nutrients we need. It also creates cravings.

With a detox regimen, you will cleanse your body of all undigested foods. The toxins that caused the foods to mulch into your digestive tract will begin to be broken down. A liver detox will help your liver to recover so that it can “get caught up” with processing toxins. Inflammation in your gut, circulatory system, and organs will be reduced.

With the toxins out of your body, it will begin to digest the foods you have eaten, providing the nutrition you need. You will find yourself losing weight, because you do not overeat.