Your kitchen, if it is anything like mine, is a hub of activity. Mine is open to the dining area and living room, which is great when we have company, but not so great when I haven’t unloaded the dishwasher and the dirty dishes have piled up. But, dirty dishes aside, I’ve discovered an easy way to keep items in my kitchen handy without having to spend a lot of money. In fact, I can change out my containers quickly and easily to go with the seasons, and people who come over think I am terribly creative. This clever item happens to be – garden pots! Yes, I use garden pots for several reasons in my kitchen and dining room.



Of course, the most obvious use for a garden pot would be to hold kitchen utensils. Most garden pots are designed to have sloped sides, and are wider at the top than at the bottom. Judge your choice of pots carefully with this in mind, because if you are going to store many items in it, it could get top heavy and tip over. You will need a pot tall enough to cover about 2/3 of the handle of your utensils to avoid this problem. You can also find beautiful garden pots that have straight sides, but they sometimes cost a little more because they are more “designer-y”. It is up to you, really. I’ve tried both. With the straight sides, the pot does not take as much space, but I tend to overstuff the container. With the slant-sided pots, items are easier to disengage from each other, so if I goof and but the whisk in with the handle up instead of down, it is easier to untangle.


I’ll bet you didn’t think about storing lids in a garden pot, did you? That’s ok, because I thought of it for you! The lids to my pots and skillets are always getting shoved to the back of my cabinets, or sticking up out of drawers and keeping the drawers from closing properly. But, when I realized I could solve the problem with a garden pot, everything got easier! I went to a local nursery and found an attractive metal planter that was long and fairly narrow. This rectangle shaped pot became the perfect place for my lids! It is narrow enough to sit on the ledge behind my stovetop, and all of the lids will slide easily, on edge, down into the trough. I can’t believe how much room I have in my cabinets and drawers, now, and how easy it is to find the lids to various pots.



Oh, yes, let’s not forget the most obvious use for garden pots – for plants! I have a tiny little herb garden in my kitchen window, made possible by the cutest pots! They are just wide enough at the bottom to sit on the window sill and provide counterweight to the plants growing out of them, and great, fresh herbs as well!

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